Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

At the age of 73, Smokey Robinson looks unbelievably young and handsome. His youthful looks are just as great as the great plastic lies that conceal them. How else can a celebrity in the throes of old age lay claim to the allure of stardom? It would be unfair to belittle Robinson’s great talent as an R&B singer. He combines his great energy and talent with a flourish that endears him to his fans with a strong magnetic appeal. All the same, there seems to be some plastic truths about the old celebrity who enjoys a near cult following from some of the dyed-in-the-wool R&B supporters. The unending rumors about Smokey Robinson plastic surgery continues to elicit diverse reactions regarding the extent, intensity, and appropriateness of the therapy for people of certain demographic characteristics. Did he go overboard in his pursuit of youthfulness? Well, the disquieting opinions seem to suggest that Robinson gave plastic surgery a bad name.

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

No Easy Answers for the Brow Lift, Eyelid Surgery, and Face Lift Rumors:

There are no easy answers regarding the kind and depth of cosmetic surgery that Robinson sought from his discrete surgeons. Robinson does not seem in any hurry to let the world into the full depths of his closely guarded secrets. Similarly, it might be a long wait before any of his surgeons share anything on the procedures. Fortunately, some surgeons have been watching keenly the obvious and not-so-obvious changes that have taken shape on the celebrity. According to these expert analysts, Robinson has endured the discomfort of the surgeon’s knife for a number of occasions. The surgeons think that he had a brow lift, an eyelid surgery, and a face lift. The wonderful effects of these therapies are evident in the smoothness and firmness of the celebrity’s skin. The same is equally evident in the youthful eyes and a balanced forehead that makes him appear as if he is somewhere in the neighborhood of 35.

The Relentless Plastic Struggle to Match Fame with Looks:

By all means, Robinson owes it to nobody to spruce up and reshape his face as he chooses. His image is a very crucial pillar to the edifice of his celebrity status. Some people think that Robinson suffers from some peculiar delusions of grandeur, which manifest in his relentless struggle to reclaim the receding youthfulness. Others simply want him to embrace the horrors of old age and fade away from the R&B stage with the respect of a veteran. It is not easy to satisfy the complex, diverse, and dynamic requirements of the celebrity world. The whole world knows that old age has its challenges particularly when connected to the tastes of the celebrity stage. Those who reserve some kind words for Robinson suggest that he should have gone for a few subtle therapies. A few sparing cosmetic surgeries would not have compromised the fact that he had advanced in years beyond the threshold of youthfulness.

Exaggerated Success of Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery:

If all the views regarding Smokey Robinson plastic surgery were to be collected and assessed for merit, they would all come down to the fact that the therapies were successful but exaggerated. In some sense, the inappropriateness of the surgeries seems to suggest that an aged man’s frame struggles needlessly in a youthful skin. Plastic surgery does not hold any answers to immortality. The therapy only fosters an illusion of lasting youthfulness. Robinson has no qualms torturing his body even further with the surgeon’s knife to yield more youthfulness. Only Robinson knows how much he has spent on each of the visits.