Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Preity Zinta plastic surgery speculations have been trending on the internet for so long. She is among the Bollywood actresses who have embraced this western concept of beauty. Upon the invention of plastic surgery, the east which is rather more conservative compared to the west was not so appreciative of this concept. However, the stigma associated with plastic surgery is not only fading in the east but throughout the world. A number of Bollywood actors and actresses have been speculated to having faced the surgeon’s knife Preity Zinta being one of them. It is speculated that the pretty faced Indian lady has had a number of facial surgeries to improve her overall looks. According to trending speculations, these modifications can clearly be seen when her before and after photos are compared. When it comes to plastic surgery speculations, opinions matter a lot since some trending pictures may actually present extremely old photos just to force the idea of plastic surgery. Unless the star confirms allegations, they will always run unconfirmed.

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

Truth or Rumors?

Preity Zinta has neither confirmed not denied the allegations leveled against her. This only means that the allegations are unconfirmed but there is a possibility that there could be some truth in them. When it comes to speculating the causes of a celebrities transformation, a comparison of the before and after photos is vital. Additionally, changes that accompany normal growth processes like weight gain and weight loss should also be considered. Makeup artists are also known to be among the well paid people in showbiz. Due to their talents and experience, they can transform looks using their sophisticated make up application techniques. Pretty Zinta plastic surgery speculations are reduced to a matter of opinion given that the transformations observed are subjective to different explanations.

The facials

It is speculated that she has had a total of three surgical procedures namely facelift, eyelid surgery and nose job. In her after photos, Preity’s face looks tight and smooth. The smooth tight face is claimed to be suggestive of a face lift. Facelift are common among women who do not want any traces of wrinkles and laugh lines on their faces. Looking at Preity confirms that her face is indeed tight but then again it may not necessarily be as a result of a facelift. Facelifts become harder to prove if the procedure was carried out with perfection. When poorly done, the freezing effect of the facelift usually gives celebrities away. Another difference observed on the Bollywood actress is the increase in the size of her eyes. This is a transformation that proves hard to explain without chipping in the possibility of an eyelid surgery. Eyes do not widen naturally in a fully grown individual. Critics claim that she has had her upper eyelid pulled back to expose more of her eyes. The result is an increase in the size of her eyes. The rhinoplasty speculations are fuelled by the apparent change in the shape and size of her nose. Her wide nose looks narrower in her after photos. From these surgeries, it seems that Preity Zinta has embraced the western concept of beauty.


Preity Zinta plastic surgery seems to be a success. She looks prettier than she was a before. Her results agree with the goal of plastic surgery. Her choice to go light on the surgery bore her amazing results. However, Preity is a beautiful woman and the plastic surgeries were not that necessary. She should avoid such unnecessary surgeries and stay her beautiful natural self. Additionally, she should take care not to over indulge in surgeries as the effects are sometimes irreversible.