Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Robert Redford is a renowned Hollywood actor. He is a talented male actor who has joined the list of male celebrities who are thought to having had plastic surgery. Robert is not proud of wisdom as it seems. Afraid for the evidence of the toil of time on form on his face, it is speculated that he must have had plastic surgery. In most cases, Hollywood celebrities love to embrace the anti aging techniques offered by plastic surgeons. This practice has been criticized by some critics who claim that it sends the wrong message to youngsters. The reversing of old age sends the message that old age is a thing to be ashamed of. However, this criticism does not seem to stop celebrities in their quest for youthfulness. Robert Redford looks nearly thirty years younger than his age. At the age of 78, the talented actor could easily pass for a fifty year old al thanks to plastic surgery.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford Face Lift and Botox

Robert Redford plastic surgery claims are based on the Hollywood hunk’s ability to reverse the aging process. Facelifts and Botox are skin rejuvenating procedures common among people who want to reverse the process of old age. Speculations are that Robert Redford is wrinkle free due to the combination of facelifts and Botox procedures. Facelift tightens skins and gets rids of any folds and sags. The Botox procedure also rejuvenates the skin in an almost similar manner. Through a dermal injection, the skin becomes tight, smooth and shinny. Facelifts and Botox procedures tend to go wrong since most celebrities get addicted to them and end up with the frozen effect. Luckily for Robert, his facelift and Botox did not backfire on him. Despite the combination of the two skin tightening procedures, the actor went light and the result is a radiant looking smooth skin.

Fillers and Eyelid Surgeries

Facial fillers add flesh and reduce the effect of sagging skin. It is speculated that Robert Redford has had his cheeks filled. Unlike his age mates who are proudly walking around with sagging cheeks, Redford was not yet ready to allow his resign to fate. He has had them filled providing them with the right amount of flesh to make them firm and too adorable fro an old man. The eye is another indicator of old age. When people age, the area around the eyes is laden with wrinkles. The flesh on top of the eyelid also sinks and gives the impression of a closed eye. However, this is not the case for Robert Redford; the hunk’s eyes are as wide as they were almost thirty years ago. It has been speculated that this is thanks to the eyelid surgeries he has had. These surgeries have gotten rid of the extra flesh on his top and bottom lids.

What Critics Have To Say?

Most critics are in agreement with the fact that Robert Redford plastic surgery speculations are true. It is difficult to look that good at 78 years old. Dr. Peter Geldner, an accredited assistant clinical professor adds his professional view to these speculations. According to him, Roberts Red ford’s refreshed looks cannot be achieved by any other means other than plastic surgery. He lays emphasis on the eyelid surgery. He claims that the sagging flesh surrounding his eyelids could not have miraculously disappeared. Robert has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations. He assumes this tight lipped position like most of his fellow celebrities. Despite all these, he has managed to reverse the aging process. With the fifty years lifted off his face, he can still enjoy his time in Hollywood without feeling oddly pout of place.