Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

While some celebrities are famous for their great talents and looks, others become famous for being children n of renowned celebrities. This is the case with Rumer Willis. Daughter to famous actor and actresses Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis has also earned herself a fare share of plastic surgery speculations. However, this does not mean that the star is not talented in the acting business. As a matter of fact, she started acting since she was a child by playing child roles in each of her parent’s movies. Later as she got better in acting, her acting career grew and she has been featured in a number of movies and television series in her old age including sorority rows and army wife among others. The acting sensation has joined the list of the no longer natural celebrities. She has shown major transformations in her later years, transformations that have raised controversial opinions on whether or not the Rumer Willis plastic surgery speculations are true.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

Rumor or Truth?

Most celebrity plastic surgery speculations trending on the social media sites lay unconfirmed by the celebrity. Until a celebrity openly confirms or denies these speculations, there is no other better way of confirming speculations. Despite this fact, bloggers have been accused of being too obsessed with the idea of celebrity plastic surgery that they are forced to always find something to talk about. Of course, these accusations are not ill founded considering the fact that there are other causes of physical transformations in any person. Growth, weight loss, diets and exercise are among the stimulus of some physical forms of transformations but not all. Even so, it is assumed that above stimulus take a specific order and failure to take this order means something else is behind this transformation. When it comes to Hollywood, plastic surgery is the usual something else. In this respect, Rumer Willis plastic surgery speculations were fuelled with the unexplainable physical transformations observed in the star.

Rumer Willis Chin, Lips and Breasts

Speculations are that the star has had her chin, lips and breasts augmentated. In her before photos, her chin appears long and overly extended. This is not evident n her after photos as her chin has undergone a major reduction giving her a more feminine facial appearance. This is suggestive of a lip augmentation procedure that involved the shaving of a considerable amount of the extended chin. Her after lips are characteristic of the trout pout look. Critics claim that these look is as a result of injecting the top lip with fillers. Her breast are the final area of concern, they suggest a bb job well done. Her firm and dense pair of boobs are thought to be as a result of implants.

What Does Rumer Willis  Have To Say?

Rumer has assumed the tight lipped position regarding these surgery claims. Despite this, controversial statements are still being issued regarding her case. According to Dr. Salzhauer, her face is suggestive of a complete facial reconstruction that involved the enhancement of the jaws, chin and cheeks. He argues that this is the only angle of argument that can explain Rumer’s sudden facial transformation. On the other hand, Dr. Paul Nassif another accredited plastic surgeon begs to differ with Dr. Salzhauer’s views. He argues that Rumer’s transformations are part of the normal physical changes that accompany growth. To her credit, Rumer entered into show biz at a tender age and her body transformed while she was still in showbiz. She could be a victim of speculators who see what they want to see but also there is the possibility that the star has had the speculated procedures. Without any word from her, Rumer Willis plastic surgery speculations remain unconfirmed.