Robin Wright Plastic Surgery

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is a normal occurrence in Hollywood. During its invention most celebrities shied away from this art of beauty due to the fear of stigmatization and botched jobs that were on the rise. However, in the twenty first century, people are more liberal in their thoughts and have become more appreciative of the concept of plastic surgery. This has made it easier for celebrities who seek to have the perfect looks. Robin Wright has been quite a spectacle in the acting industry. Like most celebrities, she has enjoyed a fare share of both happy and sad times with higher better half. The mother of two is divorced from her first husband but engaged to her new husband to be. It is speculated that Robin Wright is o longer a natural beauty. At her age, it is expected that she should have already succumbed to the wrinkles and sagging skin that are characteristic of old age. However, the American beauty is looks as good as she did around ten years ago.


Robin Wright’s Plastic Surgery Speculations 

The star has enjoyed a successful career. Her fame mainly rose with her controversial character in the house of cards. Some celebrity critics even got to the point of joking that this role might be infused in her out of stage character. The Amazing Robin Wright is currently dating Ben Foster who is fourteen years younger than her original age. After her divorce for her husband, she claims that she had not thought that she would ever get back into dating again but seems like Ben Foster got her to change her mind. As it seems, Ben did not only get her to change her mind about dating again but about tattoos. She revealed that he has a letter B tattoo on her ring finger while her husband to be has an R tattoo on the same place, this is despite the fact that she has always been anti tattoo type of person. She admits that it is not easy dating a man much younger than her and lets the world in on her plastic surgery secret.

What is Robin Wright Plastic Surgery? 

Unlike most Hollywood celebrities who like to claim a case of good genes when they are not, Robin Wright publicly admitted that she had had a Botox procedure. In fact the star made it seem like she does not consider stopping this non invasive form of surgery since she admitted to using it twice a year. She needs to look young not only for the screen but for her husband too. The age difference between the two may lead to a case of mismatched couples a thing Robin does not want o happen. The talented actress even went as far as telling people just how much Botox she uses. According to her she only uses one unit and that is why she still manages to look natural despite the prolonged use of Botox.

Surgery Results 

Robin Wright seemed to be objective in her choice of surgery. She also went light on this choice making it possible for her to look young and natural. Her rejuvenated facial skin and fresh looks will surely take her places. She is adored by her fans and her career star is still shinning bright. You can only hope that the star will not over indulge in Botox since the effects are never pleasing. It also seems like her refreshed looks are not only as a result of Botox but exercise. She claims that she has taken up Zumba dances as part of exercise among other forms of body exercise. Clearly being Robin Wright calls for more than Botox injections.