Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Rose McGowan was raised in Italy during her early life but they soon relocated to America where she developed her career as an actress. She is well known for her role in the television show called ‘Charmed’ which won her resounding fame and a number of awards. Her journey into plastic surgery dates back to 2007 when she suffered an accident and was forced to undergo a reconstruction under the eye. In her preceding roles, she appeared with a somewhat different look and the cosmetic surgery gossip brought in a new strain of fame which is almost overshadowing her acting role.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery


She is suspected to have taken a facelift surgery but the eyelid lift was so sure because it was actually confirmed by one of her surgeons. This was due to the accident she had in 2007, which threatened to disfigure her but the surgeons were good enough to repair the scar. Her eyes now look smaller and tucked in a manner than is sexy and elegant. It is one of the best reconstruction surgeries because she ended up looking better even beyond what she was before the accident.

Breast implants

There are a lot more celebrities who are never contented with the size and shape of their breasts but certainly not all of them will go under the knife in order to transform their stature. However, this celebrity could not stand the pressure. It could be out of personal interest or public sentiments that Rose McGowan chose to go through breast augmentation in order to transform her body. She now enjoys fuller breasts which are shapelier than before. Although this has never been confirmed by the celebrity or even surgery experts, it is very evident from her images before and after surgery. Surely it has served her well because the new size and shape of her breasts adds value to the facial beauty that she already enjoys.

Lip injections

A closer look at the celebrity indicates that her lips are fuller compared to what she had before. The only procedure which can account for this change is lip injection. It is possible that she did a minor upper lip injection because most of these changes can be seen on her upper lips.

Jaw line injections

Indeed they must have been right in referring to her as the queen of plastic surgery because she has undergone a series of cosmetic procedures. Inasmuch as she may attribute them to the accident that she suffered, most of the parts addressed by the surgeries were actually not affected in the accident except for the eyes.

The shape of her face seems changed, but only a keen eye can notice the subtle transformations from her images. He cheeks look fuller than before and according to plastic surgeons, this could be a result of cheek or jaw line injections.

Despite the accident, all the cosmetic surgeries that celebrity has undergone were successful and they have earned the shape that she desired. Aging signs seem far from her facial appearance because she knows how to utilize the knife.

She may not admit or deny these rumors but we have the facts based on the images that we see. Perhaps the only major procedure she has not undergone is a nose job and probably it is in the tunnel. Plastic surgeries are very addictive and once celebrities have sought one procedure, they develop a kind of psychological dependence on the surgeon’s knife. It is surprising that a greater proportion of these prominent women and men cannot sustain a strong sense of positive regard to prevent them from cosmetic surgeries.