Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

It is difficult to mention the Bold and the Beautiful without mentioning the name Ronn Moss. He was considered the hottest male in the movie and enjoyed a wide viewership especially from female folks. Ronn is blessed not only with an acting talent but with the killer looks. He shocked his fans and other members of the showbiz industry when he made up his mind to quit acting in the CBS soap opera after a whole 25 years all in the quest of greener pastures. However, this was not the last of Ronn Moss shockers, when it was speculated that he too had gone under the surgeon’s knife, the celebrity world was more shocked than ever. Lately, most of the Bold and the Beautiful actor and actresses have been speculated to have turned to plastic surgery. Apparently, Ronn Moss seems to have succumbed to the pressure set by his colleagues.

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery or Good Genes? 

Everyone who has had a chance to look at Ronn Moss photos has no doubt that the star looks refreshed in his sixties. Plastic surgery speculations were flying in the air as soon as the sensational actor appeared to have lost his unique dropping chin. After the chin implant speculations, the rest of the anti aging surgical speculations came flowing in. Ronn seems to have repaired almost each and every part of his face. There are not traces of wrinkles, not even sagging skin. He seems to have gone all the way in eliminating the signs of old age before he began his quest for a new acting career. Facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery and facial fillers are the rest of eth speculated Ronn Moss plastic surgery. When asked about the secret behind his refreshed looks, Ronn claimed that he keeps fit and lives healthy. It is amazing how these stars suffer from selective amnesia whenever they are asked to confirm plastic surgery speculations. They mention all the natural processes but conveniently “forget “that they have had any cosmetic procedures.

The Neck Lift, Facelift and Facial Fillers. 

It is speculated that Ronn Moss’s wrinkle free face is not a natural occurrence but as a result of a facelift. His face lift was moderately done to give the star the tight and smooth skin he boasts of. The neck lift was done for the same purpose except that it gets rid of the turkey neck too. Facelifts and neck lifts are combined to ensure consistency in the appearance and texture of the skin around the face and neck region. As people age, most of their facial structures loose tissue and sag, however, thanks to facial fillers, an injection is enough to firm up the sagging structures by adding tissues. Ronn Moss face is still home to supple skin. This is thought to be the work of facial fillers and not fitness and healthy eating as the actor alleges.

The Eyelid Surgery and Chin Implant 

Ronn moss has also had his eyes opened up. Through an eyelid surgery, the actor has been able to open up his eyes that would have already been closed up due to weight of eye bags. `An eyelid surgery involves the elimination of fat deposits that collect around the eye region. The most convincing of Ronn Moss plastic surgery is the chin implant procedure. His chin has always been peculiar and it is difficult to convince the public that such a feature can disappear naturally. Although Ronn Moss has constantly denied these claims, the surgeries are thought to have bore positive results. He seems to have done all these surgeries in moderation but the actor should consider giving credit to his surgeons.