Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Rupert Everett plastic surgery speculations began as soon as the handsome star appeared to be aging gracefully. He has always been considered a handsome young man. With his looks and talent, there is no doubt that he has earned himself immense fame in the acting world. Celebrities thrive in looks and talent but it seems like looks take the cakes. With chiseled looks, it is easier to land a role and with talent it is easier to earn an award. Plastic surgery can be compared to a rite of passage in Hollywood. Nearly all of the Hollywood celebrities have gone under the knife to have one or two things fixed. For a celebrity like Rupert Everett, he was never plastic surgery addict. He spent the younger years of his career looking natural. However, for the lack of some natural means of hanging onto his killer looks, he is thought to have deemed it necessary to try plastic surgery to reverse the aging process.

Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery

Is Rupert a Case of Good Of Genes? 

It is often difficult to believe that a celebrity is a case of good genes when his face tells a different story. Even for the naturally good genes, the age gracefully but it does not mean that they lack the usual wrinkles and other aging signs. The usually have these signs but in moderation and camouflage them with makeup. However, when a celebrity shows up all perfectly flawless, plastic surgery is usually though to be behind the rejuvenation. Rupert Everett is known best after he palsied a role in My Best Friend’s Wedding alongside the beautiful Julia Roberts. Lately, Rupert has been seen walking around with a wrinkle free face and the obvious question on everybody’s mind is what has he done to himself o lift twenty years off his face?.

Facelift and Botox 

It is speculated that Rupert has maintained his youthful looks through the help of face lift and Botox procedures. It is common for Hollywood celebrities to combine these two anti aging procedures since they both work at eliminating wrinkles. With a facelift, the wrinkles are eliminated with the tightening of the facial skin. As you can imagine, the tightening gets rid of any folded skin and straightens it out. On the other hand, a Botox injection is administered right under the skin. Botox works on the facial muscle and tightens the skin thought contracting these muscles. When properly administered, a Botox injection takes away years off a celebrities face. Rupert seems to have gone for these procedures in moderation. He does not seem to suffer the frozen face as is the common effect of over indulgence in these procedures. His face is free of wrinkles and the rejuvenated skin appears smooth. The only reason why critics can tell he has had these procedures is because he seems to be experiencing a reversed aging process.

Cheek Implants 

Botox injections and facelifts are often accompanied with facial filers. Facial fillers add firmness to the facial structures. The aging process loosens almost every muscle and tissue in the body. When injected with fillers, the worn out tissue are replaced making it easy to hold the sagging structures together. Fillers do not only give a full look but also a firm and tight appearance. Fillers compliment the two ant aging procedures. It is thought that Rupert had his face filed in order to combat sagging cheeks and skin that would have already formed on his face. With these three procedures that were professionally carried out, Rupert looks much younger and his career will most definitely benefit from these procedures.