Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

When you hear about celebrity plastic surgery, you most probably start picturing a number of female celebrities facing the surgeon’s knife. This is no longer the case. Male celebrities are gradually appreciating this scientific art of beauty. It is a reality that a number of male celebrities are turning to plastic surgery to “fix” what they do not like on their faces. The main difference between male and female plastic surgery is that most male celebrities rarely overdo their surgical procedures. Apart from the extreme cases like that of Pete Burns, male celebrities are shyer when it comes to plastic surgery compared to their female counterparts. Shemar Moore plastic surgery speculations were given birth to just after his accident.


Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Speculations

It is speculated that Shemar has had a total of two surgical procedures. Unlike what most female celebrities do, Shemar did not have his surgical procedure as a cosmetic or career requirement, he had it as a “medical requirement”. Allegedly after the accident, Shemar who had been seen walking with the help of a cane did not just visit the doctor for therapy. It seems he shared a few make over tips with his doctor. The change in the size of Shemar’s nose was seen immediately after his recovery from the accident. It is difficult to believe that this is just a mere coincidence. In the world of celebrity gossip, changes in appearance are never a matter of coincidence. Rumors about Shemar Moore plastic surgery were all over the social media with every one desperate to find out the truth in these allegations. Pictures of the handsome Shemar Moore were trending all over the social media in an effort to back up the surgery speculations.

What Surgical Procedures Has Shemar Had?

It is rumored that the African American actor has had a nose job and a chest reconstruction. Shemar has remained tight lipped about these allegations. For as long as he remains quite, these speculations will never be ascertained. The reason behind his decision to have these procedures is not clear. Since most male celebrities have surgeries as part of the “doctor’s requirement”, it is speculated that Shemar’s nose job was a reconstructive procedure. However, there are those who believe that Shemar could have simply seized the opportunity that presented itself with the recovery process. Medical procedure or not, there is a notable difference in the size and shape of Shemar’s nose and until he comes out clean to explain this transformation, celebrity bloggers will never stop digging into his case. Just like the nose job, the chest procedure remains mere speculations.

Surgery Results

Shemar’s apparent unsolicited surgery bore perfect results. Looking at Shemar’s photo before the surgery, you will notice a bump on his nose. In his after photo, you will notice that the bump has disappeared. Additionally, his after photo has a narrow and refined ridge. Most female celebrities get off the hook by explaining the narrow tip with proper makeup application tips. This may prove a bit difficult for Shemar since he has to explain how the bump disappeared from his nose.


There is no doubt that Shemar has had a nose job. Regardless of the circumstances that led to this procedure, the results were amazing. His narrow ridged nose augers well with the rest of his facial features, making him more handsome than before. It is also speculated that the chest reconstruction resulted in his properly shaped body frame. Shemar has always been a handsome man and the surgical procedures were not that necessary. The surgery is only justifiable when placed within the medical concept but if there are other reasons behind his surgeries, then he made an objective choice of surgery.