Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery

sofia vergara plastic surgery

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sophia Vergara, a Colombian model turned American actress is among the greatly sought after sex symbol of Hollywood. Famous for her role in the comedy modern family, Sophia is a beautiful woman who would naturally attract attention to herself. A comparison of Sophia in her modeling days and acting days reveal major transformations. There is no doubt that Sophia’s looks and body appearance have undergone major transformations. However, the difference in time does not seem to explain these transformations. For instance, normal hormonal changes and weight gain result in changes in shape and size of different parts of the body. Since Sophia’s changes are concentrated around her breasts, surgery speculations best explain the sudden increase in the shape of her breast. Additionally, she does not show the normal changes expected of women her age, the lack of wrinkles and excess fats are alluded to surgeries.


How Many Surgeries Has She Had?

It is speculated that Sofia Vergara plastic surgery includes a breast augmentation, liposuction and Botox. Lucky for Sofia, she has always had a large set of breasts. She has managed to explain away surgery speculations with this fact, in fact she claims that she is a natural 34 DD and her need for surgery is more inclined toward breast reduction other than implants. However, these explanations have not been enough to kill the speculation. The change in the size of her breast has not escaped the keen eye of celebrity speculators. Pictures of Sofia’s breast before and after the alleged surgery trended the social media. Keen on detail, all of her fans were able to spot the difference. It is hard to explain these changes with weight gain since she has not gained any weight on other part of her body.

Surgery Results

Botox injection is a common surgical procedure for women of Sofia’s age. The smooth lined forehead Sofia boosts of is too not a case of good genes. The former Colombian model is rumored to have had Botox injections on her face. Her wrinkle free forehead should not kill you with envy as you too can pull out such a look. Additionally, Sofia does not seem to suffer from the tummy fat menace. According to speculations, the extremely attractive acting sensation has had liposuction to get rid of the tummy fat.

Actresses of her age often deny liposuction procedures and explain the lack of usual excess fats with good diet. However, Sofia does not offer these explanations. She has openly denied having had any of the above surgical procedures. Even the breast augmentation that seems too obvious, she has vehemently denied. The irony of it all is that she has been unable to explain the dramatic changes her body has undergone.

Were The Surgeries Necessary?

Despite the fact that she has denied having had these surgical procedures, she has admitted that her breasts have opened doors for her. She alludes most of the success in her career to her huge breasts that are the center of attraction. When celebrities refuse to confirm surgery allegations, there is not so much you can do but rely on personal opinion to confirm these allegations. Sofia Vergara plastic surgery is a controversial topic that will keep trending the social media until the actress quits the acting. Despite all her denials, all her surgery results were amazing. She still looks beautiful and natural. However, when it comes to considering the necessity of these surgeries, there is no doubt that the breast augmentation was not so necessary. Her before breasts were perfect and augured well with the rest of her body. Sofia Vergara plastic surgery is a surgery case that went well. You can only hope that she maintains her surgeon for future procedures but it seems like you will have to wait forever to know this surgeon.