Whats Happening With Snooki Plastic Surgery

Snooki Plastic Surgery

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After Picutres

Over the past year, reality television star Nicole Polizzi AKA Snooki has been in the spotlight again and for all the wrong reasons. If you think that we, like everyone else also want to make a joke about her 4 feet 9 inch frame or gossip about her wild partying habits, then thing again because this time we have her under the scanner and for something known as ‘Plastic Surgery’. Ring any bell? You know the latest cultural trend for celebrities? Oh well, just to refresh your memory, here is the latest happenings with Snooki Plastic Surgery.

Snooki Plastic Surgery

Early Speculations

If you thought that Snooki is new to plastic surgery then think again, because the first time she was put under the scanner was for her teeth. When Jersey Shore ended in 2012, Snooki realized that her hard partying days were numbered and that she would have to find new ways to stay in the limelight or risk being just another short girl lost in the crowd. So fast forward one year and she became a mother and decided to star the magazine covers with her son and her new teeth. Yes that’s right her new teeth and it looked as if she had stolen her new set off a skeleton from a biology lab.

Snooki has always been one of those celebrities who had been on the receiving end of jokes mainly for her short height and her wolf like teeth, but 2013 was the year that showed that we survived the end of the world as we know it and all ready to face our new lives with her new and improved sets of pearlies. Her teeth was nowhere as brown as they used to be and her wolf like teeth was replaced by a Cinderella smile and if you know your dentist, then that type of makeover requires some extensive cosmetic surgery.

Weighing In The Gold

2013 was not only the year when Snooki taught the world how to transform wolf teeth into human teeth in one easy step (plastic surgery), but the list of Snooki Plastic Surgery also got a new member. Magic Weight Loss. Although like any self loving celebrity Snooki too claimed her weight loss to be the result of intense diet and intense exercise, anyone including Santa Clause would have to admit that it is nothing more than the product of a good old fashioned liposuction. How else can you explain losing more than pounds, especially baby weight within months of child birth? If Snooki truly wants to convince people that her weight loss is nothing more than natural, then she should really start selling her secrets to the world, because she would surely make more money than Steve Jobs and Bill Gates combined. And she would have to put in a lot less effort than what she did partying in all the seasons of Jersey Shore, her child birth and weight loss combined. Even though many English reading people would love to correct the above sentence and state that two consecutive ‘combined’ cant be used in sentences, but there is simply no better way to explain the sudden weight loss.

According to Snooki’s recent statement and speculations surrounding her experiments with plastic surgery, the ever growing list of Snooki plastic surgery can surely expect the addition of breast augmentation in the months to come. But until then, we just have to keep wondering as to what can she do next to transform herself into the next plastic superstar.