Selena Gomez Breast Implants

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery

Selena Gomez Breast Implants Before and After Photos

As young women grow into adulthood, they are prawn to pick the habits of the adults they have encountered in the course of their lives. This is the same in showbiz. Child actors and musicians tend to take after older actors and musicians in the industry. In Hollywood, most female celebrities are o.k. with being the sex symbol. Those of who are not natural sex symbols have turned to plastic surgery to achieve the physical qualities of what is considered a sex symbol. Plastic surgery is rampant in Hollywood that it has become the norm. Most of the female child celebrities have gone under the knife just to look like the rest. According to recent speculations, Selena Gomez is not an exception. She has had the number one plastic surgery common among girls her age. It is speculated that the young actor and musician has faced the surgeon’s knife once.

Selena Gomez Breast Enhancement

When you put Selena’s age into consideration, you may be tempted to disregard the surgery accusations since the youngster is gradually turning into adulthood. The transition into womanhood often comes with body changes. The breasts are one area of change, for most girls, they experience an increase in the size of their breasts. This could be the case for Selena but celebrity bloggers are not buying this yet. According to speculations, Selena Gomez breast size is as a result of implants. Plastic surgery speculations started following Selena as soon as she showed with small C cups, a notable increase from her previous A cups. There is no doubt that Selena’s bust size has undergone a tremendous transformation. The reason why most of her fans and other speculators are not buying into the normal growth changes story is because the changes happened all of a sudden. This in the spur of a moment breast growth is common in Hollywood and is mostly associated with breast implants.


Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Results

You simply cannot deny that Selena looks sexier with her new set of enhanced breasts. She is a natural beauty and the new breast size is best for her body shape. As it is with most celebrities who have had breast implants, selena enjoys a new sense of self confidence. She seems to like her breasts to the point that she does not mind flaunting them to you. In the 2013 November issue of Flaunt magazine, the sexy Selena gives you the opportunity to have a side view of her breasts. She wore quite a revealing attire showing a considerable amount of breast flesh. Additionally, the surgery has not had a negative effect in her career. Owing to her now attractive body frame, she had gained a massive following.


Did Selena Gomez Need Breast Implants?

It is not yet confirmed if the surgery speculations are true. Selena has remained tight lipped about the situation but the before and after photos show a difference that is hard to explain with a push up bra trick. If the speculations are true, the surgery was done too soon. She still had an opportunity for growth and she should have given her body more time to reach its full growth, maybe then the surgery would not have been necessary. However, the success in Hollywood waits for no man and maybe the pretty faced youngster could not wait that long. Selena prides herself in having a good sense of judgment. This makes you believe that the judgment must have influenced her decision. Even so, Selena Gomez breast look good on her. The case of good surgeon gave her amazing results but she should not have any other unnecessary surgeries. When overly done, unnecessary surgeries distort natural appearance even when carried out by a good surgeon.