Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

It is almost impossible to remember the Touched by an Angel Television Show without remembering Roma Downey. The Hollywood actress has enjoyed a successful career. Throughout the course of her career, Roma is not on the list of female actresses who did not turn to plastic surgery at a very tender age. If she had had surgical procedures early in life, they must have been too minimal to be noticed by celebrity bloggers and paparazzi. A look at her recent photos leaves a lot to be desired. You will notice that Roma has not aged as expected. She still looks refined and glamorous. This fresh as ever look is what has given birth to surgery speculations. It is speculated that Roma Downey plastic surgery includes a total of five anti ageing surgical procedures.

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

What Surgeries Has Roma Had?

The beauty, elegance and radiance are as a result of five carefully done surgical procedures. Botox, facelift, neck lift, fillers and laser injections are the procedures she has combined to get that amazing look. At fifty four year old woman should naturally have the usual ageing signs. Wrinkles, skin sags, turkey neck and crow feet. However, this is not the case for Roma. There are no visible wrinkles on her face. Additionally, there is no sign of a growing turkey neck, crow feet and other ageing signs. Thanks to plastic surgery, the actress has combined Botox, fillers and laser treatment in her fight against old age. Her facial skin is extremely smooth, radiant and youthful. It is further speculated that the wrinkle free forehead on her face is as a result of a facelift. The turkey neck has been further smoothed out with a neck lift.

Has She Confirmed These Speculations?

When the surgery speculations were still fresh, it was hard to establish the truth of these allegations without a proper picture for comparison. However, in 2013, thanks to the paparazzi, the social media was trending with pictures of the surgery revolutionized Dana. She looked flawless in her elegant green dress she wore for the most influential people party in 2013. The emphasis was not on her dressing but on her youthful looks.

Dana has chosen to remain quite about these speculations. This makes it difficult to ascertain the exact number of surgical procedures she has actually had. However, the evidence upon a comparison of her before and after photos cannot be easily explained away with proper makeup application tips. She is not far removed from her youthful appearance. Even though she does not openly admit to having had these procedures performed on her, there is no doubt that she has had these procedures.

Were The Surgeries A Success?

Despite the fact that she combined a number of procedures on her face, the results of the surgeries are amazing. In most circumstances, old women who have had facelifts assume a frozen facial appearance. This is not the case for Dana. The face lift smoothed out the wrinkles without freezing her face. The most amazing part of the surgery result lies in the fact that despite the Botox, filler and laser combination, the sensational actress still looks natural. The turkey neck results were amazing too; her graceful neck still stands without any traces of sagging skin.

Most Hollywood celebrities are in the habit of denying surgery speculations even when the results speak for themselves. It is amazing how Dana has managed to escape the keen eye of celebrity gossipers despite the fact that she is not so new to plastic surgery. Judging by the smooth results of her surgeries, chances are that she must have had these procedures done to the minimum one at a time.