The Final Word For Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Freddie Kirstoff Have you ever gazed upon the night sky, looking up at the twinkling celebrities up in the sky and wondered how is Nicki Minaj so perfect in each and every way possible? If you like many others have wondered that Nicki Minaj is the ultimate definition of womanhood, then think again because you like many others have been taken on a ride and have lived nothing but a lie. And to burst your shiny star gazed bubble, here are the true facts behind Nicki Minaj plastic surgery and how she has managed to evolve her look with the help of the knife.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery

Nicki’s Face

Since the oldest day of Hollywood, it was always believed that a complete performer is someone who can sing, dance and looks good doing it all. But in unfortunately in the modern world, the true definition of beauty is how many plastic surgeries can you have without looking like a clay doll and how much money can you spend to keep up your looks. When Nicki first broke into main stream music with her stunning booty and great looks, many people thought that she is the long awaited answer that everyone has been waiting for. But in reality Nicki is one of those stars who has had everything re-morphed and her face is the prime witness. If you have the time to look at Nicki’s early pictures, the first thing you would see is a deformed nose that looks like she had been boxing for years and it was completely broken at the bridge. On second thought, her nose literally had to bridge. It was almost like her nose began right under her eyebrow’s, then almost complete disappeared before reappearing again at the tip of the nose. And now, in her early 30’s its almost like Nicki’s nose has made a miraculous recovery from near extinction. No matter how much Nicki tries to prove that its her makeup that’s giving her nose a better look, in reality no makeup other than plastic surgery can do a Houdini on the nose.

Nicki’s Breast’s

Going down on the Nicki Minaj plastic surgery list and her figure, her breasts too look like they have been put through the brutal system. Again looking back at her early day pictures you would realize that even though was a decently busty girl, she chest diaphragm was bigger that gave her a fuller look and not her breasts. Put in simple words, she looked like an Amazon woman who spent a lot of time bench pressing heavy weights and not entirely a woman. Cut forward to 7 years and almost like magic, Nicki’s breasts look a lot more feminine, bigger and in shape. Which could only mean that Nicki is secretly is scientist and has finally unlocked the mystery of how the human genetic can be altered to produce naturally bigger breasts.

Nicki’s Butt

Again taking a look at Nicki’s early pictures, this time flash-backing her pictures since she was a teenager, you would notice that Nicki looked like a girl whose butt had been involved in a horrible road roller accident which left her rear end permanently flattened. But being the genius scientist that she is, she again found the way to manipulate her genetics and created perfect buttocks which should be framed in a museum. Either that or she fell in love with a bicycle pump and it gradually blew air into her butt and made them perfect in every possible way. But if you, like most of us are a realist and believe in hardcore facts, then you would successfully connect all the dots and know a plastic surgery when you see one.

No matter how long the list of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is, the fact remains that she has reached the highest peak of success that most people don’t reach with a lifetime of dedication and hard work and we hope that her journey to success continues, but should be more candid about her plastic surgery.