Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is only a good thing when a celebrity gets value for his or her money spent. This can only be achieved if a celebrity is able to have his aspirations realized. However, when it comes to surgery, it is always a gamble; the probability of getting a botched job is equal to that of getting a successful one. Botched jobs are still part of cosmetic surgery in the present century only that the number has gone down considerably. However, there is still a list of worst plastic surgeries ever and unfortunately Wayne Newton is in it. Wayne Newton is what you can call the phenomenal entertainer. The singer of both country mix and classic rock has earned himself a number of nicknames suggesting just how much he appeals to the soul of his fans. He was born in Las Vegas in 1942, and so he has had a good amount of time here on earth. However, it seems like Wayne was not ready to pay the debt of time on earth, he still wanted to somehow hold onto this young looks.


Had Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery or is it Speculations?

Plastic surgery speculations are always flying with the slightest of celebrity transformations. There are a number of celebrities who have fallen victim of these speculations but others despite their denials are never victims. A look at Wayne Newton before and after photos says it all. It is difficult not to believe in these speculations. He looks different and not in the makeup kind of way but in the plastic surgery kind of way. Additionally, he looks younger than what is expected of his age. Graceful aging is not a new concept but it is not difficult to differentiate graceful aging and the work of plastic surgery in this era. This is especially when the surgery was a botched job.

Wayne Newton’s Botched Jobs 

In his attempt to look young and fresh, Wayne Newton indulged in Botox, brow lift, facelift, nose job and jaw line surgery. The result is such that his skin is refreshed but his face is not a pleasant sight. It seems like none of the procedures were done right. The Botox seems like it was too much for him. Over indulgence is Botox bears only one result, plastic look. He looks plastic and all swollen up. His face is devoid of natural movement and color. The facelift which is commonly used in combination with Botox procedures was not also professionally done. The brow lift, jaw line surgery is considered by some critics as unnecessary procedures. Some critics even argue that most of his invasive procedures bore positive results but the musician had too many procedures on one face. The jaw line surgery which was meant to reconstruct the face of his shape distorted his face. It is not that the world was used to him in his old face, the jaw line reconstruction was not carried out with precision. The new shape of his face does not suit him by all means.

What Next for Wayne Newton? 

It is extremely sad that Newton’s image suffered a great deal due to a botched job. With him being in the list of worst plastic surgery, his self esteem must have been injured too. Some critics argue that his biggest mistake was the lack of objectivity in his choice of surgeries. While Botox and facelift are objective for someone his age, the rest of the reconstructive surgeries are not. He has over stuffed his face with unnecessary procedures and the only way to get his handsome face back or just a part of it is to try corrective surgeries. He should also lay of Botox since what he has is already too much for him.