Worst Plastic Surgery Bruce Jenner

Worst Plastic Surgery Bruce Jenner

Worst Plastic Surgery Bruce Jenner – Before and After Pictures

Celebrities are always conscious of their looks. This is mainly blamed on pressure from the world of showbiz and fans. Fans sometimes forget that their much adored celebrities are human and have flaws like any other. Bruce Jenner of the Keeping up with the Kardashian Show is one celebrity whose consciousness of his looks begum way back in the 80’s. Unluckily for him, his procedures were so terribly done that trending on the internet are topics like worst plastic surgery Bruce Jenner. Looking at his before and after photos, you will agree with the fact that Bruce Jenner was better off in his natural self. His plastic surgery news is considered to be getting worse by the days as he appears unsure of what he wants to look like. Aside from the look accentuating and age reversal procedures, speculations are that he wants to change his gender too.

Worst Plastic Surgery Bruce Jenner

Previous Surgeries 

When worst plastic surgery Bruce Jenner is discussed, every speculator goes back to the two botched jobs he had. He had a rhinoplasty and a facelift. The former Olympian in his attempt to get the elegant look by chiseling to his nose was extremely disappointed. The rhinoplasty procedure was poorly done and his new nose dos not suit his face at all. He has a weird look worse than his previous looks. The facelift also went totally wrong. It got rid of the wrinkles all the same but the star’s face is not what you can call refreshed and young. The procedure was poorly carried out and it affected the appearance of the rest of his facial features. Bruce Jenner is one unlucky man when it comes to plastic surgery. His attempt at a corrective procedure went all wrong. He attempted to have his botched jobs only for the jobs to take a turn for the worst.

What Next For Bruce? 

Fresh plastic surgery speculations have sprouted. Previously, after the failed corrective surgery procedures, it was claimed that Bruce Jenner was gradually crossing over to the feminine side. It was noted that he was keeping his hair and finger nails long. The assumption was that he had lain off plastic surgery and had decided to change his appearance the natural way. However, it seems like his double tragedy at plastic surgery was not enough lesson for him. Fresh allegations claim that the star has decided to have his looks changed through plastic surgery. It is speculated that the first to go was his Adams apple. Women do not have an Adam’s place so clearly the woman in Bruce Jenner does not need one too. His hair also seems to have undergone a transformation in terms of body and hairline. Critics argue that he has had a hair surgery which has helped him alter the frontal hairline and increase hair thickness.

Reactions over Worst Plastic Surgery Bruce Jenner 

Worst plastic surgery results are thought to receive more publicity than the successful results. Bruce has openly talked about his botched jobs and expressed a desire to have his looks fixed up. However, it seems like this wish may not come true. His sons blame Kris for introducing plastic surgery in the family. However, Bruce is a grownup who made a personal decision to have his looks accentuated. Some speculators have become excessively critical of Bruce’s plastic surgery on account that he wants to change his sexuality. Something serious is going on with Bruce and his botched jobs took a toll on his self esteem. His seems desperate to transform his botched face to a pleasant sight even if it means to be that of a woman.