Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Vivica is among one of the most famous African American Hollywood celebrities. With her beauty and fame, it is difficult not to notice when her looks have undergone transformation. Growing up, the African American acting sensation was among America’s privileged kids. She was born in South Bend to a mum who works with the pharmaceutical industry and an education administrator for a dad. There is no doubt that this sassy actress did not have a difficult childhood. Her acting career has also been quite wonderful. She is a talented actress and widely known for her role in movie Soul Food and Indepedence Day among others. Vivica has always been a beautiful woman. Her tall and wide body frame makes her outstanding among many women. Vivica fox plastic surgery speculations were soon flying in the air when the star appeared with features different from what she used to have.


What Are Vivica’s Surgeries?

Vivica fox is speculated to having had the anti aging plastic surgery together with the look enhancers. She is speculated to having had Botox and lip fillers as anti aging procedures together with breast and nose job. When placed in the context of how beauty is defined in Hollywood, her choices of surgeries were objective. Unfortunately for her, her image suffered a great deal after the surgeries as she did not only loose most of the natural in her but she also lost a huge part f her charm. Vivica’s acting star has suffered from the botched jobs as well l as a public humiliation she had to endure. She is among the unlucky African American Hollywood celebrities followed around by scandals. It is sad when plastic surgery gives a celebrity the wrong kind of fame but sadder when these procedures make them afraid to look into the mirror for the rest of their lives.

The Anti Aging Procedures

Vivica fox attempt to rejuvenate her skin and stay young and fresh sent her for Botox and lip fillers. It is speculated that more approximately eight out of ten women in Hollywood use Botox as an anti aging procedure. Botox is a non invasive procedure which when properly done, it gives a woman a smooth skin to boost of. However, overindulgence or inexperienced doctors who may touch a nerve with the needle can give a woman something to regret about for the rest of their lives. Vivica Fox Botox procedure s considered a success. Her face is no home to wrinkles and the muscle movement seems to be unaffected. The lip fillers were also not so badly done. The surgeon went a little bit light on them giving her a sensuous set of lips that auger well with the rest of her facial features. Generally, her lips are full and sensuous perfectly challenging the aging process.

The Nose and Vivica Fox Boob Job

Rhinoplasty is for the celebrities who want the long elegant and chiseled Hollywood nose. Vivica had this procedure to have her wide nose transformed into what most celebrities want to have naturally. His went well like the rest of her facial procedures. However, when it comes to the breast procedure, Vivica poses an unlucky woman. Critics speculate that she must have had an inexperienced surgeon who ruined her chest. The breast implants were poorly fixed making her breasts appear squashed. It is terrible to imagine that Vivica must be afraid of flaunting her silicon implanted breast for the fear of exposing the hollow spaces that sometimes show on her breast. It is a good thing that the star has openly admitted to having had these procedures and shared her regrets too. It is better for her to have the implants removed and fixed by a professional or just removed forever. It is better natural than weird plastic.

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