5 Celebs That Lost Weight After Pregnancy

5 Celebs That Lost Weight After Pregnancy

List of 5 Celebs That Lost Weight After Pregnancy

Almost all women gain weight when they are pregnant. After delivery, most women desire to return to their previous weight. The process is quite hectic and stressful and many women end up giving up on the weight loss attempts. Celebrity mothers have no option. They have to lose the post-baby fat as quickly as possible for them to retain their careers and checks. They have to work out twice as harder as ordinary women. There are some celebrities who have lost weight after pregnancy very quickly and impressively. Here is a list of 5 celebs that lost weight after pregnancy:

1. Jessica Alba

jessica alba Weight loss

Jessica Alba is one of the most remarkable 5 celebs that lost weight after pregnancy. After giving birth to daughter Honor Marie, she hit the gym immediately. With the help of her trainer, she managed to lose 11 kg of the baby fat. Working out during her pregnancy made it easier for her to lose weight faster after the arrival of the baby. When pregnant, Jessica Alba kept fit through bike exercises, prenatal yoga and light walking. She scheduled daily workouts in her diary to ensure that nappy changes and late night feedings did not interfere with her weight loss objectives. She underwent a rigorous regime that involved a 10-minute core work session, two strength training exercises, and three segments of cardio.

2. Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez Weight loss

Jennifer Lopez is known for her discipline and legendary curves. After giving birth to twins Emme and Max, she had to lose 23 kilograms to be eligible to participate in a triathlon. With the help of a professional trainer, she engaged in rigorous workouts. She abstained from having red meat in her diet until she attained the target weight of 55 kg. She did not breastfeed the twins, but she observed a strict no drinking and no smoking policy. She also placed emphasis on a low-kilojoules balanced diet plan. Her diet typically included lean white meat like fish or chicken, fresh fruit, Greek Yogurt and egg-white vegetable omelets.

3. Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera Weight loss

Christina Aguilera is a health food enthusiast who takes care of her body by indulging in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The petite starlet lost approximately eighteen kilograms within 4 months after giving birth to her son Max. She began working out six weeks after delivery due to orders from her doctor. She also credits breastfeeding her son with helping her lose the baby weight since it burns extra calories. Her work out training incorporated sit-ups, twisting actions to relax the abdominal muscles, crunches, and cardiovascular training for five days a week. Christina’s body responded positively to the work outs since she is a naturally fit dancer.

4. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian Weight loss

Kim Kardashian loves to have all attention on her. She put extra effort into losing the post-pregnancy weight so that she could be out and about again. She announced her quick weight loss to the world by posting a sexy selfie clad in a curve-showing swimsuit. She bragged to Jay Leno that it was a sign to haters to hold heir tongues. The fast rate at which Kim regained her sexy body after delivering daughter North West amazed any people. She revealed that her secret was the Atkins Diet which contains lean proteins and veggies. She labeled the diet the worst challenge of her life. She was able to lose approximately 70 pounds by staying determined and focused.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce Weight loss

Beyonce is among the most outstanding 5 celebs that lost weight after pregnancy. Weight watchers praised the rate at which Beyonce got her bootylicious shape back after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy. The Single Ladies hit maker was back on the performance stage a few months after delivering her first child. She confidently donned sexy and bare costumes and she had no hitches in her performances. She claimed that her weight loss secret was eating lettuce and working out on the treadmill. She lost 60 pounds on the treadmill.

The 5 celebs that lost weight after pregnancy discussed above show that it is possible to lose post-pregnancy fat easily so long as one has the necessary focus and determination. It is commendable to hire a professional trainer and observe a strict exercise and diet regimen to increase the success levels of the weight loss objectives.