8 Celebrities With Herpes

8 celebrities with herpes

List of 8 Celebrities With Herpes

There is a common conception that famous responsibilities and celebrities are immune from the life issues that most of us face. The misconception is misguided since celebrities are human beings with flesh and blood just like us and are as vulnerable as anybody else. Any sexually active person is capable of getting a Herpes infection and spreading it. Over the years, several celebrities have been infected with herpes. Some have chosen to keep quiet; some have opened up while others have been subjected to malicious leaks of their health information. Here is a list of 8 celebrities with Herpes:

Billy Idol

1. Billy Idol

Billy Idol is the most outspoken celebrity out of the 8 celebrities with Herpes. He admitted in a 2005 Rolling Stone interview that he had contracted the disease. He openly stated that he was living a free-love style which involved bedding several groupies. The AIDS crisis made him slow down on his adventurous sex life, but he was not so lucky when it came to Herpes. Billy was candid and casual in his admission. He stated that Herpes was the worst consequence of his overly active sex-life.

Robin Williams

2. Robin Williams

The recently departed beloved comedian of the “Mrs. Doubtfire” fame makes it to the 8 celebrities with herpes list due to the allegations of an ex-girlfriend that he infected her with the disease. He belongs in the category of those celebrities who are ousted by malicious and resentful ex-partners. The ex-girlfriend sued him for 6.2 million dollars in 1986 for the alleged deliberate infection.

Liza Minnelli

3. Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli is a popular actress known for her phenomenal and iconic film performances. She features on the 8 celebrities with Herpes list on similar grounds as Robin Williams since she was also ousted by her malicious ex-husband, David Gest. Gest went public with claims that she had infected him with Herpes and she did not disclose the fact until they were married.

Michael Vick

4. Michael Vick

Renowned Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was sued by his partner for infecting him with Herpes. The sports personality was accused of failing to disclose his Herpes status to his partner. His partner filed battery and negligence charges against him. He opted to settle the sensitive matter out of court.

Tony Bennett

5. Tony Bennett

He was sued for 90 million dollars by an ex-partner for deliberately infecting her with Herpes. The allegations proved to malicious since his medical records proved that he was Herpes free. He sued the woman for defamation for a claim of 100 million. Unfortunately, there is no information on how the suit ended. The accomplished super-star definitely breathed a sigh of relief.

Paris Hilton

6. Paris Hilton

There are many rumors that Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities with Herpes. The Hilton hotel heiress is said to have Herpes because of her countless sexual escapades and raunchy sexual lifestyle. However, the allegations are merely the subject of gossip and speculation. There is no evidence that the socialite has Herpes since she has not admitted it and nobody has accused her of infecting her with the sexually transmitted infection. Her party girl lifestyle has made her an easy target for those seeking to spread rumors.

Anne Heche

7. Anne Heche

Anne Heche is the most unfortunate victim on the 8 celebrities with Herpes list. Anne Heche contracted the virus in a very terrible manner after being molested by her father during her childhood. The incestuous actions of her father ruined her innocence and left her with the lethal Herpes Simplex Virus. She opened up about her circumstances when she gave the details in an emotional autobiography published in 2001.

David Hasselhoff

8. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff belongs to the same category with Liza Minnelli on the 8 celebrities with Herpes list since they were both exposed by ex-spouses. The Baywatch hunk was accused by ex-wife, Pamela Bach, of failing to reveal his Herpes condition for many years and deliberately exposing her to the dangerous virus.

Herpes is an extremely dangerous sexually transmitted virus since it is a life-time condition. The stigma surrounding it makes it difficult for infected people to reveal their status to their partners. The 8 celebrities with Herpes list is proof that several people deliberately infect others by failing to disclose their condition. It is important to conduct awareness campaigns to reduce the stigma so that people can open up about the condition.