8 Celebrities with Stretch Marks

8 celebrities with stretch marks

List of 8 Celebrities with Stretch Marks

Should you happen to mention stretch marks, it would never occur to you that there is a celebrity in their real senses that would be having them. Those that might be having them make sure that they are kept under the wraps until they are addressed. However, despite the glamor and fame, some have still remained quite down to earth and make are not weary of the causes of their baby bump. Some are even more than happy about this flaw and are more than happy to accept their stretch marks and never get rid of them. If you thought that celebrities never had stretch marks, here are 8 of them that you would have never thought have stretch marks.

Julia Roberts

1. Julia Roberts

Yes, you heard that right, Julia Roberts was once spotted with stretch marks but in the typical celebrity nature, she got rid of them. At the time she was spotted with them, many women would relate to her and say what a heroine she was. However, after she barred them, her heroine status decline but she still is a celebrity and there is no question that whatever she did allowed her to get back her flawless skin.

Katie Holmes

2. Katie Holmes

Even though by the time she was spotted plenty had been done to her stretch marks and they were quite faint, they were still visible especially when she was seen on her vacation in a Bikini. At the rate at which they were disappearing it seems the products that she is using are working wonders but it is worth mentioning that considering that she was ready to flaunt them, they might not be such a concern for her.

Angelina Jolie

3. Angelina Jolie

One half of Bradjolina has been flaunting her stretch marks and she is actually happy about them. According to her, the maker her feel that everything about her body are there for a reason. She also goes to say that they make her feel round and supple which might point out that things during that time were pretty steamy in the bedroom. Considering that she was one of the sexiest women alive and then for her to embrace this flaw with such excitement shows that stretch marks for her are a big thing but not as many people take them to be.

Britney Spears

4. Britney Spears

This is perhaps one of those that are more known and heard off. While Britney could have been on a slump at this time. When she picked herself up, she left behind all her stretch marks as well as a couple of pounds to become a diva once more.

Jennifer Lopez

5. Jennifer Lopez

Now this is another star that most people look up to and hearing that she has ever had stretch marks might confuse many especially considering that J-LO never ages, however, she reminisces that after giving birth her belly was hanging out and she laughed about it (it is hard to imagine that after all that labor pain she managed to laugh). After she laughed at her new found source of humor she confessed to her then husband Marc that it was crazy which is not how many women would describe the same occurrence but what the hell! It is J-Lo she can make any comment and it will like just fine.

Victoria Beckham

6. Victoria Beckham

Now this is one celebrity that did not welcome her stretch marks with a smile. Instead she stocked up on 50 bottles of Rodial’s Stretch MX to blast off the stretch marks as soon they reared their ugly head.

Jessica Alba

7. Jessica Alba

Yes, beautiful Alba is the proud owner of a number of stretch marks and she does not intend to get rid of them any time soon. She says just like most women pregnancy was the most incredible experience for her and she would not get rid of the results that came out of it.

mariah carey

8. Mariah Carey

Who would have thought right? Actually, no one would even have known hadn’t she confessed that she asked the editor of one of the magazines that she was featured in when she was pregnant to air brush her stretch marks. That is what you would expect of Mariah. But then again, you don’t get to keep those gorgeous looks at her age for nothing.